Paws Inn Groom and Board -  Licensed Spacious Kenneling, Daycare and Grooming
Policies and Fees
For Kenneling and Daycare services every dog must be current on their vaccinations and proof from the vet must be presented before your dogs first visit.

Contract: Here is a copy of the contract that we ask all of our customers to sign before their first stay with us. 
    up to 49lbs-      $15.00/day           Cats $10.00/day
   50lbs and up -   $16.00/day
*Dogs will get: his or her own kennel with a doggy cot, blanket, toys, food, treats, time in the play areas.

*Kitty Condos are almost always available for your kitty along with cubicles for your kitty to snuggle up in, toys, treats and food.
        0 to 8 hours= $10.00
       After 8 hours regular kenneling prices apply

 Note: Includes the same as the kenneling.
Price varies depending on the size and breed of your pet.
Each grooming includes - bath, nails, ear cleaning, anal glands, clip, and the accessories to make your pet beautiful (bows, bandannas and perfume).
        A la carte services:
         -Nails only $10.00
           -De-shedding $10.00

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